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Underscore: Sonic Interactions N

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  1. Goltigami
    P.I.X.A.L. (Primary Interactive EX-ternal Assistant Life-form) is a female android created by Cyrus Borg to serve as his assistant. During the Nindroid Conflict, she was briefly under the control of the Digital Overlord and turned on her friends but soon became a vital ally to the Ninja after being redeemed by Zane. She and Zane formed a close relationship until he sacrificed himself to.
  2. Vugor
    As a semi-professional singer and musicology graduate student in New York City in the mids, I had the opportunity to speak with other performers about their path to Early Music. Most performers, not surprisingly, told of training as Classical musicians who, fascinated by older repertories, retooled their technique for performing older music.
  3. Kagagis
    Feb 12,  · Hip-hop, poverty, inner-city youth, many people—perhaps of a certain race or over a certain age—tune these things out. As rapper Jay-Z said .
  4. Dakazahn
    SOX2 is a gene that encodes for a transcription factor belonging to the SOX gene family and contains a high-mobility group (HMG) domain, which permits highly specific DNA binding. Consequently, SOX2 functions as an activator or suppressor of gene transcription. SOX2 has been described as an essential embryonic stem cell gene and moreover, a necessary factor for induced cellular reprogramming.
  5. Shakarg
    Desouza LA, Sathanoori M, Kapoor R, Rajadhyaksha N, Gonzalez LE, et al. () Thyroid hormone regulates the expression of the sonic hedgehog signaling pathway in the embryonic and adult Mammalian brain. Endocrinology – [PMC free article] [Google Scholar]Cited by:
  6. Daigrel
    May 30,  · Objective To assess causation and clinical presentation of major birth defects. Design Population based case cohort. Setting Cases of birth defects in children born to resident women, ascertained through Utah’s population based surveillance system. All records underwent clinical re-review. Participants cases among births (prevalence %), excluding mild isolated.
  7. Mogor
    n.m.r. spin-echo self-diffusion measurements on fluids undergoing restricted diffusion NMR Chemical Shifts of Common Laboratory Solvents as Trace Impurities Near-to-Far Field Transformations for Radiative and Guided Waves.
  8. Dailar
    The effects of thyroid hormone on brain development and function are largely mediated by the binding of 3,5,3′-triiodo-L-thyronine (T3) to its nuclear receptors (TR) to regulate positively or negatively gene expression. We have analyzed by quantitative polymerase chain reaction the effect of T3 on primary cultured cells from the embryonic mouse cerebral cortex, on the expression of Hr, Klf9.
  9. Kazihn
    The Undergraduate Research office provides: resources to help undergraduates find research opportunities they can complete during their Penn State education, and facilitates support of such endeavors through events like the annual Undergraduate Exhibition and awards like the Erickson Discovery Grants. Students are supported in finding research opportunities through information.

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